Security, Simplified

Securing your company infrastructure and product doesn't need to come at the expense of your time, productivity, and budget. We take a practical, real-world approach to security -- custom-tailored to the size, stage, and needs of your company.

In our experience, the best security programs are those which create a culture around security throughout the company. This wholistic approach helps to transform your security program from a reactive one to a proactive one, and to give you and your teams the knowledge and the confidence to deal with the unknown unknowns.

Our approach is to first and foremost understand your business and to learn what it is you need to protect. Once we understand that, we can help you to build strategic short and long term plans, and the metrics you'll need to foster a security program which will ensure that those assets remain protected and that your teams will know how to build new features and products with security in mind, monitor for security incidents, and know how to respond when incidents occur.

Please email me if you'd like to learn more and improve your security posture.